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Why Choose Us?

Weight Management Testamonial

“I lost over 100 pounds and my diabetes and sleep apnea are gone. Winthrop made it happen!”

Always Striving to Improve

So we know your opinions and can work to address any issues, we conduct regular surveys used to measure our patients’ satisfaction with our care. We’re proud of the consistently high marks you give us, and constantly strive to do even better.


Tech Mastery Testimonial

“I put my continuous glucose monitor back in the box because I couldn’t stand the alarms.  In TechMastery, I learned how the device could serve ME.  Now the alarms are one of many tools I can use”

General Endocrine Testamonial

“Very happy & successful with the doctors and staff.”
“A very thorough visit.  My time was treated as valuable as the doctor’s.”
“Excellent service by entire staff.”
“Service is excellent!”
“Would recommend to friends & family.  Love the treatment here.”
“Very pleased with physician and staff.”
“I have never had an issue with my doctor.  Always explaining conditions and very supportive.”
“Excellent staff – friendly & courteous.”

Source: patient satisfaction questionnaires

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